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Our Purpose

To inspire you to take risks, to take action and through your everyday choices, to change the world today.

Just as each of the six Women of the Bible, with blind faith in our creator, took action and changed the world for all of mankind.

Lives Like Ours

Their times were violent, dangerous, and uncertain. Not unlike the lives so many women live today.

Many of the circumstances the Women of the Bible faced are issues we are still dealing with today.

  • Abusive relationships
  • Living a hopeless life we wish we could change
  • Having committed an act we believe to be so terrible that we can never be forgiven
  • Sacrificing to care for another
  • Following our destiny even when it's hard
  • Doing the right thing even when it's scary

Inspirational Teachers

Each woman's story is an inspiration. Each followed her heart. Each was sustained by her faith.

The Women of the Bible are not stories about miracles, but about courageous women who used their intellect and spiritual resources to overcome adversity and ultimately to change the world.

Each woman followed her heart and was sustained by her faith in the one true God.

They Led The Way. Now We Must Follow!

Had even one of these women not answered her call and fulfilled her destiny, the world's history would most certainly be different in ways we cannot even conceive.

The Women Of The Bible are the perfect companions to give encouragement, inspiration, and hope on our journey of service.

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